Expansion suits - Season 1 pack

Contains Expansion suits chapters 1-12!

The story so far is what i'll call a season 1. At 1 comic a month this totals a years worth of work and I never would have thought it would go this far! Thanks to all of you for supporting this huge project! You can definitely see my progress with the art along the whole time as i've changed things up with models, proportions, artstyle etc.

And not to worry, there's still more to come!

I felt the individual comics look a little daunting to get to know and having to buy them all one by one is a hassle so I decided to put it all under one big pack! Its a biiig download (over 1gb) so if it fails to download just pop me an email or a note on Deviantart and i'll send you a link.

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1096.86MB ZIP Download

USD 40.00

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