Champions of Amazonia

2nd Oct. 2031

Bio- and genetics engineers successfully launch "The Amazonia", a videogame with role-playing elements focusing on character development. It's advertised to have a near unlimited progression!

The technology, one of it's kind, is expected to create the most muscular men and women the world has ever seen. The creators call the effects superb and beyond their wildest expectations. 

Human testing has come to a completion with zero negative side effects, producing the literal healthiest and strongest of our species yet. 

 But here's the catch: Being gamers at heart, the company is only offering this technology only to the best of the best INSIDE the game! Being an ultra expensive drug to make, it needs to be manually coded to your own DNA. Therefore the company will be contacting everyone who actually manages to progress enough in-game. It is still unclear how far this will be taken as the company hasn't communicated how many "best" players there will be in total. 

Don't be alarmed if your gamer friends turn into gigantic bodybuilders in the near future!

Contains giantess, muscle, BE!

a whopping 109 images long!


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